Breeding Programme


The Ennerdale Breeding Programme sets a high standard.  An important part of the selection process involves scanning the animals to ensure a high ratio of meat to fat to bone.

We have achieved a strong genetic base over the years by selecting the best Artificial Insemination (A.I.) Sires available from around the world. Ensuring premium quality beef production, whilst still retaining their easy handling properties.

At Ennerdale we attribute our success to the highly selective breeding programme we have adopted.  We have travelled frequently to UK to assess Highland genetics suitable for import to Australia, not only the bull but also the Dam and the progeny - so any bull that we use - you could say has passed the Ennerdale quality assurance test - Premium quality checked!​

Assessing Highland cattle is a lengthy process and can take many years - but we know it is in the best interests of the Highland Breed in Australia.  We check the Dams feet, udder, temperament, muscling and structure.  We also check the bulls progeny traits - blood lines are important, but the actual observed performance is the best indicator of the genetics we import to Australia.

​We feel privileged to own Highland Cattle and we aim to do the best for the breed through our breeding programme and health status of the herd - passing on our knowledge to interested potential breeders.  We listen to the ‘older breeders’ from any cattle breed, assess their advice and structure our breeding plan accordingly - all cattle have the same faults, and the highland breed is no different.  We will not just breed any cow with any bull - we strive to find the bull which will best suit each cow, thus improving our herd with every calf!

If we have not used a particular A.I. Bull in the Ennerdale breeding programme - there is a very good reason!

It has taken a lot of time with A.I. and only keeping the best bulls.  Culling bulls at Ennerdale is our starting position - this means that only small numbers of elite bulls will remain.   So if you purchase an Ennerdale bull your assurance of the Highest Quality is guaranteed!

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