Ennerdale Highland Cattle Gestation Calculator

Cattle Gestation Calculator

Great tool!  Work out when your cattle are due to calve.

On average, the gestation period or length-of-pregnancy for a cow is between 283-285 days but actual calving dates can be 5-10 days either side of the expected date. This easy to use calculator will give you an approximate date for when your calf is due if you have seen the service.

We check our cattle twice a day 1-2 weeks prior to calving – morning and late afternoon.  Highland Cattle are renowned for calving without problems but they still need to be watched!

Cattle cycle every 19-21 days.  If you see your cattle being served by the bull, make a note and remember to monitor them again in 19-21 days – just to check they have taken and are in calf.  If they cycle again repeat the process.  You will find your bull will ‘court’ the girls coming on heat for up to 3 days prior to them being on heat.  He is very attentive and right by their side until the service.  This is a good indicator of your cows cycle!

We hope you find this calculator helpful.

Ennerdale Highland Cattle Gestation Calculator

Enter date of conception and then click the calculate button for the answer.

First Date Your Cow Was Serviced
Calf Approximate Due Date

If your ready for calving and not that familiar with the whole process, you may like to read some of the stages and possible complications. Stages of Calving


Ennerdale assessed highland cattle over a three year period to gain as much knowledge as possible before establishing the fold - so we know the importance of research. 

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