Nov 24

Where is the new Highland Calf

We are having some beautiful spring days at Ennerdale Highlands. The new mothers are tucking their calves away in the long grass, while they venture out to feed.  Even we are struggling to find the new offspring.  This little heifer calf is only four days old and seems to have settled in well. First time mum […]

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Jul 31

Winter Rain

Mid-winter and we have had the wettest winter recorded for years with even more rain coming this week. The dams are all full and overflowing and the paddocks have started to kick along. The cattle are doing well and enjoying the endless supply of hay available. Magnesium blocks are available for milking mothers as well […]

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Jul 12

Grass Tetany Alert

Ennerdale Highland Cattle - The Ennerdale Advantage

​Grass Tetany Alert             Grass tetany is a highly fatal disorder, so prevention methods and close monitoring of stock are essential.  Higher than normal episodes are being recorded in the area this year.June to August are generally the months when grass tetany is most prolific.  The lush growth of crops and […]

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Jun 12

Ennerdale Genetics on the move

​We were first contacted by Carl and Sarah last year.  They were inspecting highland herds around the country with an aim to start a fold of their own.  After many emails to arrange a visit, both with busy schedules plus a 13 hour drive for Carl and Sarah to travel, we got to meet this […]

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May 10

Ennerdale Map of Sales Coverage

It’s great to see Ennerdale genetics are spreading outside of NSW. Whether you want highlands just to roam in the front paddock, for a reminder of your Scottish background, to bring back memories of your last Scottish holiday, want to start showing Highlands at the local show or if your into breeding to sell meat […]

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Apr 09

New Pastures

Best part of breeding highland cattle is meeting people with a fondness as much as ours about the breed!  We recently delivered some baby steers to Orange, NSW.  These little guys will grow up and get to spend the rest of their lives munching grass and being spoilt with extra treats!  A photo of Harry […]

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Apr 02

Summer Heat

We’ve had some very warm days and as predicted very little rain. The paddocks are dry and crispy.  The cattle tend to sit under the gum trees in the shade most of the day and graze at nights. This is Australia at its finest!!  We have been feeding out small amounts of hay to keep […]

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