Highland Cattle – On the Road Again

Nov 20

I had an exciting morning as I delivered three young heifers to a new breeder. I love introducing Highlands and when we find folk as keen about the breed as we are it is even more exciting! I set off very early to avoid the heat of the day and with a camera set up in the stock crate, I can watch the cattle as we travel. Once on the road they spend all their time checking out what is happening. Its peace of mind for us to know they are doing OK. I once heard an older farmer say ” Once the cattle go past my front gate, I don’t care what happens to them”. That is certainly not the case at Ennerdale. We have bred these animals and only want the best for them! These young ladies only had a two hour trip and have gone to an amazing location with an amazing new Mum and Dad.  Thanks to Kecoza Photography  www.kecozaphotography.com.au for these photos below.