Benefits of Buying from Ennerdale

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Ennerdale use the leading edge CattleMax software to record all details of their cattle management activities. This software provides a comprehensive sales printout for all registered cattle sold.

When buying registered cattle from Ennerdale you will get

  • Cattle of the Highest quality - without compromise!
  • A complete DNA Profile of Ennerdale animals
  • A generation pedigree certificate
  • Up to date record of all cattle treatments and due dates of next treatment
  • Elite health status herd

We are also able to supply

  •  Blood test results to confirm 'in-calf' status (if sold in calf and requested)
  • UK pedigree certificate (for UK registered cattle)  
  • Fertility Report for all young bulls sold with no progeny on the ground 
  • Ongoing advise and support if required

Transporting Cattle

Please check with us for cattle delivery availability. 

When selling ​Australian registered cattle,  Ennerdale will cover the cost to transfer the registration papers to your name or fold listing.  The AHCS (Australian Highland Cattle Society)  will then forward the new certificate to you.

PLEASE NOTE: We will require a Property Identification Code ( PIC ) to transfer the cattle on the National Livestock Data Base.  If you don't already have one they are issued by the Local Land Services.  

We think it important to ensure that prospective purchasers are fully informed so they may make a choice of the Highlander that is most appropriate to their individual needs and situation. 

We are also happy to provide ongoing advice and assistance to ensure the new cattle owner is comfortable with their purchase and most importantly the cattle are able to make a smooth transition to their new location.


Ennerdale assessed highland cattle over a three year period to gain as much knowledge as possible before establishing the fold - so we know the importance of research. 

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  • What’s new - health related issues in cattle and website updates
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